File Extension .P65 | File Type Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document

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Files with Extension .P65 are usually opened and used in Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document software application. P65 files can be imported from another format or exported to a commonly used format using an online conversion service or a recovery tool. Use the search feature on this website to get additional information about how to open or convert files with extension *.P65. To open and convert file type/extension Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document to a different format, click the link below:
Online Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document Conversion

"Corrupted File Repair" also offers Paid Technical Support for supported file extensions. Support includes recommended downloads for opening .P65 files, .P65 file association issues, .P65 data recovery, .P65 file recovery and file repair services. To enquire if the .P65 file extension is supported, please fill in the above request form. We will get back to you within 24 hours if the extension is supported. Paid Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document phone tech support is available upon request.

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